Monday, December 26, 2011

Leaked Christmas performances By Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is just everywhere this Christmas! If he's not performing 'Mistletoe' on a television show, he's then being interviewed about 'Under the Mistletoe' somewhere, releasing 'merry' music videos, or playing free holiday gigs! I guess it's the power of The Bieber. And to top it off, JB can say now he's got the honour to star in his very own Christmas special. US network TLC aired last night the 'This Is Justin Bieber'special. A pre-taped mini-concert, with live audience, where the teen pop star performed a bunch of his songs. Starting things off with Christmas tracks from the 'Under the Mistletoe' album (with special guest Tinie Tempah for 'Drummer Boy'), then moving to covers of Usher and Ne-Yo, and concluding with various hits of his 'My World' albums, including 'Never Say Never' or 'Baby'. Enjoy! [Neon LimeLight]

                          What do you think of these performances?

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